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The Healing Garden Bundles

We have created The Healing Garden Bundles to bring The Healing gardens to you. Each bundle includes, tea, incense, a smooth stone, a journal, and digital downloads of specific meditations.

Come on this 10 day Journey of self-discovery and connect with yourself. 


"We provide real community connectivity and wellness techniques for marginalized people and families"


Dream Interpretation + Energy Reading

We all have experience signs, subconscious thoughts, feelings, and even dreams. This session will help you to not just uncover the meaning behind your dreams but also give you steps to help you move forward with whatever is next with this new understanding. This session includes: -Dream interpretation -A Reading of your energy -Action steps or ritual around whats next Each session includes an initial consultation , a reading, and notes/ a recoding of our session for later. Let me aid you in reconnecting with your journey and true purpose.

Digital Download


There are two meditation series available.

One centers abundance the purpose of this bundle and the  digital meditations is to remove mental blockages around limiting mindsets, identify what you want, and aid in tapping into your personal power to manifest it. What do you really want?

The second centers mothers dealing with The purpose of these meditations is to rebalance the womb, tap into your personal power, provide you a space of rest, ease, and a practice that supports this. Ready to meet the Goddess in you?



Been feeling off balance lately? Your energy might be off.... What is Energy Healing? Energy healing involves helping to create a physical and emotional balance, which releases stress, relieves pain and promotes self-healing. This is done by tapping into and clearing the energy fields (chakras). Energy has the potential to become stagnant and blocked. Thus, energy needs to be maintained in a balance of external energy output and internal energy production. Energy healers act as an assistant to move this energy through you in a beneficial way ultimately rebalancing your energy field ushering in relaxation, peace, and ease.


Bringing awareness to the interconnectedness of nature and healing while also providing everyday techniques for grounding.


Providing various healing tracks through classes, community circles, and private sessions in a safe and tranquil space.


Creating a safe space to encourage oneness within our community while also partnering with other local efforts to help us ALL thrive.

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about us

What is the Healing Garden? 

The Healing Garden is a physical place for spiritual healing created by Andrea Pressley. We are an alternative wellness solution located in Jacksonville, FL.


There are several services that are offered at the healing garden. We are promoting emotional and physical wellness through meditation, energy healing, and community.

Be on the lookout for content that is relevant to healing for the community which includes you! We cover spirituality through the lens of healing, positivity, family and culture.

All are welcome here!


Sit down and stay a while, we are so glad to have you in partnership with us.




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